FuelStory is a brand strategy agency. We specialise in working with new businesses and emerging startups to establish your brand identity. We also conduct a rigorous rebranding process for an established company feeling out of alignment, looking to tighten ship and drive new growth.

FuelStory is not your typical branding or design agency, we aren’t about just choosing the surface level brand visuals, the team is grounded in deep technical knowledge, business strategy and commercial rigour. This is brand strategy that is practical, robust and actionable.



A thorough branding process involves clearly defining the purpose of your business, it is the base from which all decision making happens, this foundation serves as a compass so you can be decisive. It is critical to gain this clarity, direction and consistency early which then serves as a blueprint to guide subsequent decisions. Your brand purpose guides decisions for hiring, prioritising development, company culture, marketing, advertising and sales.

A powerful brand demonstrates credibility and makes a clear and compelling offer. Your brand can be the difference between attracting or losing talent, helping you raise investment, negotiating joint ventures, partnerships, suppliers and attracting customers.



Brand Identity
Attributes Values and Essence (why do you exist, what is your value proposition)
How can you be different? why are you the best choice to solve your customer’s problem or desire?

Market research
Customer personas Who is your customer? what’s the customer journey?
stakeholder value exchange. who do you want to influence and attract? who can you partner with?
Key messages, Stories, Tagline (how do you speak to your audience in their language and express an attractive, compelling offer?
Create a name that is a symbol, that represents your business, is memorable and is credible
Visual Design
Visual metaphors, mood boards, colours, layout, typography & logo (be clear, recognisable, credible and inspiring


  • Discovery session (capture stage, goals, obstacles, define success criteria)
  • Audit existing brand (both internal and external brand assets and behaviours)
  • Research (conducted independently) / Stategic workshops (in person) (bespoke mix for each client)
    • Competitive analysis/Market positioning
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Stakeholder value exchange map
    • Internal brand pyramid: Attributes, Values, Essence
    • Customer personas
    • Customer journey
    • Sales cycle mapping and analysis
    • Communications Framework: Key Messages, Stories, Tagline (copywriting)
    • Company Name/Product Name creation
  • Stategic counsel (periodic strategic conversations to ensure internal/external brand alignment and support for any brand related questions)
  • Managing and guidance for the creaton of the Visual Design System
  • Oversight of the web development process (where necessary)


Creative Technologist, brand architect, namer, software developer
Klaus has worked as a software developer for over 7 years for clients in legal, advertising and media, hedge funds and in banking. His specialty is creating systems and designing processes. Klaus loves to understand the big picture, the why, how all the parts connect and then optimise through process, technology and creative design.

Klaus makes the best use of service design tools, Business Model Innovation, competitive analysis, a polymath by nature he brings a diverse and fresh perspective to business branding. Klaus writes at his personal blog cavemanklaus.com sharing his journey, on interests as diverse from health & fitness, food (paleo diet), Crossfit, dancing West Coast Swing, productivity, personal development and entrepreneurship and is especially interested in the tech startup scene in London.


  • mindshare
  • innovation warehouse
  • prepict
  • converge
  • samos analytics
  • vivo barefoot
  • professional advantage
  • the cost reduction company
  • commerce guys
  • ocean byrne
  • seedrs


How we can work together:

  • 1-1 brand audit, coaching and strategic conversation
  • Full service brand identity and market strategy workshops + brand asset creation
  • Mixture of payment + equity and/or skill exchange (I’m happy to get creative on how we can work together)
  • Be part of your Advisory Board
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